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About Us


Making Top Quality Biodegradable Plates and Compostable Tableware: An EcoPalm Family Tradition

Founded by a husband and wife duo, EcoPalm is proud to produce the best environmentally friendly plates and cutlery available—and it has the background to back up that claim.

That’s because the owner learned all about the value of a good palm plate from her grandmother. Growing up in South India, their family used handmade plates crafted from fallen palm husks. Her grandmother instilled in the family a deep respect for nature, teaching them how to weave their own bowls and cups from thick fallen leaves.

Together, the owner and her husband scouted out plantations in South India that collect fallen husks from palm trees, and use that raw material to create compostable plates. The resulting products are as green as can be, both because they are biodegradable and no trees are cut down to produce them. Even production is green—they simply wash the palm husk with water then mold into the appropriate shape.

So you can feel good using disposable dinnerware that’s eco-friendly and based on a convergence of sound ideas from different cultures.

Ready to try EcoPalm’s environmentally friendly plates and flatware for yourself? Place your order for environmentally friendly plates, biodegradable dinnerware, and compostable flatware today!

Our mission is to deliver biodegradable dinnerware at a reasonable price without compromising quality. Our products are durable, compostable, fashionable, and above all affordable. Enjoy our dinnerware. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you are not completely satisfied with our products, you may return the products. Please refer to Shipping & Returns for more information about any returns.